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Feldenkrais sessions with Rainer Knupp, for me, are surprising, energising and enabling. And very enjoyable! I have been doing sessions with him for the last seven years, at variable frequency, mostly about once a month. I started because I wanted to improve my way of moving, and since then it has been a journey towards a deeper understanding of how my muscles and tissues are connected, and where there is space for flexibility within my body. This helps me moving with stability and ease and protecting myself from injuries when I do dance and fitness activities. We also address issues I have from the long hours sitting at my workplace. Every session feels different and new, as Rainer is immensely creative and intuitive about what I need, and at the same time he connects themes and exercises over longer time frames to achieve sustainable healing changes. My body is very receptive to the work and I can observe how I carry the subtle learnings into the way I walk, stand, sit and move through the day. I also like very much that Rainer is so professional in his work, and the same time so modest about his talents. I recommend Feldenkrais in general and sessions with Rainer in particular if you want to take care of your body and maybe find something new about yourself too, which may make you feel more sensitive, open and complete as a human being.


Public health scientist, London,

and passionate about dancing

(despite orthopaedic issues since childhood)

July 2017

I have been attending Rainer’s ATM classes for more than 3 years and I try never to miss a class as I particularly enjoy his approach to teaching Feldenkrais lessons.

Rainer has a wonderful voice for Feldenkrais. The instructions are clearly expressed, and with a calm and patient delivery as well as a sense of humour that helps me to maintain focus.

Rainer’s approach helps me to stay curious and open to the new sensations revealed by the movements in the ATM lesson.

Every lesson brings fresh insights. Sometimes it is a new way of approaching and appreciating a possibly familiar movement. At other times we are encouraged to explore movements we have never done or can’t remember ever doing.

Rainer’s interest and excitement at the discoveries his students make, feels genuine and is infectious.

The 2 hour session flies by and always leaves me feeling lighter, freeer in my movement, better balanced, and with a deeper understanding of how my body moves.

Feldenkrais allows me to live a busy and active life pain-free. I find it is easy to incorporate the things we learn into everyday life. sitting, standing and moving with more ease and freedom.

I recently experienced a series of F.I. sessions with Rainer to treat a stiff and painful shoulder before a horseback riding holiday. These were fascinating and enjoyable as well as amazingly effective. It seems that each session is personalised and tailored to the individual body and the particular pain or movement restriction and there is a progression. After 2 sessions the pain had gone. After 3, I was moving - and feeling - better than I had before the pain started and I had learned a new way to ‘warm up’ my body before getting onto the horse.

I would recommend Feldenkrais to everyone who is interested in maintaining or improving a flexible, strong and well balanced body. And I recommend Rainer Knupp in particular for his professional yet approachable manner and expertise.