Life is Movement

Movement is Life

About Myself 

I am a fully accredited member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild 

having completed the Amsterdam International Feldenkrais Teacher Training in 2008. 

My background is in dance where I have a wide range of experience in different approaches, both traditional and contemporary. 

As a dancer I have been working for many years in dance and theatre companies internationally, touring around the world and learning and enjoying a variety of styles and genres. 

When I came across the Feldenkrais Method I was fascinated by the way the method invited me to explore movement in such a specific way. Through its rigour approach I learnt new ways of moving, started using less energy and developed more variety in qualities of movement. Feldenkrais has helped me in my dance career to prepare the body well and to recover much quicker from high performance and injuries. 

 I am running  Awareness Through Movement classes in Complementary Health Centre in Lee/Lewisham as well as teaching individual Functional Integration in Lee/Lewisham and the City of London. 

Since many years I am working with the arts organisation Entelechy Arts within various culture and arts projects where my  Feldenkrais experience feeds in working with dancers, elders and adults with special needs. 

And I am very passionate about singing and developing my classical voice in which Feldenkrais is a huge help.